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4 benefits of implementing employee engagement software in your workplace

Chances are, you’re already undertaking employee listening to some capacity – whether through manual surveys, improvement suggestion forms in your workspaces, or manager feedback.

While these are good initiatives to help understand the opinion of your workforce (doing something is better than doing nothing!), they can be time-consuming to administer, reporting and insights can be difficult to obtain and analyse before the data becomes outdated, and they don’t scale.

By using employee engagement software like WorkBuzz, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to issue your surveys and better use it doing the things you love – like creating a better working environment for your organisation.

What is employee engagement software?

In a nutshell, employee engagement software is technology designed to help organisations measure and enhance the level of engagement in their workforce. This software can include a vast range of features, such as pulse surveys, onboarding surveys, exit surveys, or text analytics.

By collecting and analysing employee data, employee engagement software aims to create a better working culture, increased job satisfaction, and a stronger connection between employees and their organisation through its ability to identify areas for improvement.

What are the benefits of employee engagement software for HR teams?

1. Reduces time required to set-up and issue surveys

Employee engagement software allows surveys to solely operate online, alleviating the need to manually distribute questions and collect data. And, often, such software is inclusive of customisable survey templates which can be tailored to the specific needs of an organisation. Both save valuable time for HR teams – time that can be better spent looking to resolve any issues that arise from the surveys themselves.

2. Provides key insights almost instantly

Real-time results allow HR teams to monitor and respond to changes in employee sentiment as they occur, which can then be used to drive key retention and recruitment activities.

3. Confidentiality

The nature of this software ensures survey responses are kept confidential. This reduces social desirability bias which can otherwise skew results, and instead helps gain more honest responses.

4. Simplified and quick reporting

If desired, data received can be easily and quickly converted into digestible information – for example tables or graphs. This easier-to-consume data allows for improved decision making, increased efficiency, better tracking of initiatives, and makes the information easier to share with other people in the organisation.


Overall, employee engagement software can help HR teams to be more effective in managing and supporting employees, leading to a more engaged and productive workforce.

The WorkBuzz platform offers employee engagement software to suit a range of needs, across all industries, with flexible surveys and expert templates. And with our dedicated Customer Success and People Science teams, you get a helping hand to guide you through the process and receive bespoke support.

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