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Using onboard and exit survey data to inform your employee retention strategy

Onboard and exit survey data can provide valuable insights into the factors that contribute to employee retention and turnover. By analysing the responses of new hires and departing employees, organisations can identify areas of strength and weakness in their employee retention strategies and take steps to improve them.

In this article, we go through some of the ways onboard and exit survey data can inform your employee retention strategy.

Identify reasons for turnover

Exit surveys are a great way to identify why employees are choosing to leave. By gathering data and feedback, exit surveys can address the issues pushing your workers away, such as poor management, limited growth opportunities, low pay, or perhaps a toxic work environment. The information gathered can help create strategies that foster greater employee satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased retention rates.

Identify areas for improvement

Onboarding surveys are a key employee listening component enabling employers to find out what new hires think about their initial experience. Through this feedback, your organisation can learn about the areas where the onboarding process is falling short and make necessary changes. And, by addressing the concerns of new employees, you can ensure all employees have the support they need to hit the ground running – helping build trust and the foundations for a good, professional working relationship.

Identify areas of strength

Onboard surveys can also help identify areas where your organisation is excelling in terms of employee retention. For example, if new hires indicate they feel welcomed and supported by their colleagues and managers, your organisation can continue to strengthen these existing strategies as they are proving successful. You can then take this data-driven approach to improve employee satisfaction, increase loyalty, and create a more positive workplace environment.

Tailor retention strategies

By analysing onboard and exit survey data, you can tailor your retention strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of employees. For example, if the data shows that employees value opportunities for professional development, your organisation can focus on providing more training and growth opportunities to retain employees.


Overall, onboard and exit survey data can provide valuable insights into the factors that contribute to employee retention and turnover. And, by leveraging this employee data, your organisation can resolve issues more accurately, eliminating guesswork which may otherwise not lead to the outcomes you want to achieve. Data-driven actions can then inform your retention strategy, helping to improve overall employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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