What is diversity and inclusion (D&I)?

Diversity is the presence of differences within a particular setting. In the workplace, diversity may refer to a wide range of defining characteristics. Inclusion is the practice of making sure that people feel a sense of support and belonging, regardless of their differences. When it comes to managing people in the workplace, companies should understand that diversity and inclusion are essential for productivity and success. Read on to learn more about the different aspects of diversity and inclusion and find out what can be done to improve workplace culture for everyone.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to employees?

Why is diversity and inclusion important to companies?

What can companies do to improve diversity and inclusion?

How can WorkBuzz help companies create a diverse and inclusive workplace?

Four steps to create a more inclusive culture

Using the Learn, Plan, Act, Realise cycle, this guide gives you a practical four step model to follow to create a more inclusive culture and how you can prioritise EDIB at your organisation – register your details to receive a copy!

Why diversity and inclusion are important to employees


Research has shown that diversity and inclusion offer numerous benefits to employees. Ultimately, diversity and inclusion in the workplace is about helping employees feel more comfortable. A positive workplace culture should encourage equal and fair treatment. Having employees who are confident to contribute and communicate with their colleagues while at work promotes productivity.


In addition to making people happier at work, diversity and inclusion encourages collaboration between diverse co-workers. It is worth mentioning that people can offer a variety of innovative ideas. Companies should spend time to improve their workplace culture so everyone can have a richer experience at work.


Having a positive work culture can help company employees find solutions to a wide range of challenges. A diverse workforce can promote better problem-solving in the workplace as different opinions and minds do work together. This leads to better decision-making and also encourages unity among employees and their superiors. Employees working in diverse and inclusive business cultures are generally more motivated and company culture tends to benefit from a diverse workforce. 

Why diversity and inclusion are essential for successful companies


Diversity and inclusion are not just beneficial to employees, but businesses as well. One of the primary benefits is better productivity. It is up to companies to help employees feel comfortable in the workplace. People typically want to do well in the right environment. By encouraging staff to work well as individuals in inclusive teams, people are more likely to perform. Teams are also more motivated and the result is better productivity and quality of work. 


Diversity and inclusion in the business also helps to promote innovation. This is because of the availability of diverse talent who can also create great products and services for diverse markets. The employees also get more innovative because they take pride in their work and love working. The increased levels of creativity also help increase the company’s revenue.


A diverse and inclusive workplace culture helps businesses attract a wider number of people to the business. This means more potential employees and potentially additional customers too. Diverse workplaces can play a significant role in the growth of a business. Studies indicate that employees working in a diverse and inclusive work culture are more likely to stay at the company for longer.

Find Out How WorkBuzz Can Help 

What can organisations do to understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace?


There are a wide range of benefits for employers and employees when it comes to improving workplace culture. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is key to keeping staff happy. However, getting things wrong can have a number of negative implications for businesses. There are a variety of reasons a member of staff may wish to leave although, generally speaking, staff who are unhappy at work are more likely look for a new employer.


If a company has high staff turnover, or finds it difficult to attract new employees, then there are a range of measures that could improve the employee experience. However, it is important for employers to understand the real issues before taking action.


WorkBuzz employee engagement surveys can help companies understand diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our employee surveys are designed to give meaningful insight. Organisations can gather data about the employee experience and use the information to improve key issues or areas of concern.

How can WorkBuzz help companies create a diverse and inclusive workplace?


To create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it is important to listen to your employees and gain an understanding of how well represented they feel. WorkBuzz offers a flexible, simple to use, and confidential employee engagement platform which allow employers to easily gather this information.


WorkBuzz have a ‘best practice’ question library that can be combined with any custom questions you feel are relevant for your workplace, to create a bespoke employee survey which focuses on diversity and inclusion.  Responses from the survey can then be turned into actionable insights and used to drive change in the areas that matter most to your employees. Benchmarking is also available so you can understand how you compare to similar organisations.

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